Ágnes Vári, PhD

research fellow

We assess and map ecosystem services (ES), based on stakeholder involvement and participatory methods, integrating local expert knowledge into our models. We also use statistic analysis and GIS for building the ES models. Part of our work is regional, but we also have some assessments at national scale. Assessing ecosystem conditions is an important element within our work. My personal focus is on water related ecosystems and water related functions (hydrologic ES).

Selected publications:


  • Pinke Zs., Vári Á., Tormáné Kovács E. (2022): Value transfer in economic valuation of ecosyste services - Some methodological challenges Ecosystem Services 56:101443

  • Tanács, E., Bede-Fazekas, Á., Csecserits, A., Kisné Fodor, L., Pásztor L., Somodi, I., Standovár, T., Zlinszky, Z., Zsembery, Z., Vári, Á. (2022): Assessing ecosystem condition at the national level in Hungary - indicators, approaches, challenges One Ecosystem 7: e81543

  • Vári Á., Podschun S.A., Erős T., Hein T., Pataki B., Ioja I-C., Adamescu C.M., Gerhardt A., Gruber T., Dedic A., Ciric M., Gavrilovic B., Báldi A. (2022): Freshwater systems and ecosystem services: Challenges and chances for cross-fertilization of disciplines Ambio, 51: 135-151.



  • Báldi A., Vári Á. (2020): Freshwater ecosystems: research, policy and applications, Biologia Futura 71: 333-336

  • Vári, Á., Arany, I., Kalóczkai, Á., Kelemen, K., Papp, J., & Czúcz, B. (2020). Berries, greens, and medicinal herbs—Mapping and assessing wild plants as an ecosystem service in Transylvania (Romania). Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 16(1), 13.

  • Czúcz B., Haines-Young R., Kiss M., Berecki K., Kertész M., Vári Á., Potschin-Young M., Arany I. (2020): Ecosystem service indicators along the cascade: How do assessment and mapping studies position their indicators? Ecological Indicators 118





Vári Ágnes, Tóth Viktor, Csontos Péter (2010): Comparing the morphology of Potamogeton perfoliatus L. along environmental gradients in Lake Balaton. Annales de Limnologie 46 (2): 111-119.


email: vari.agnes[at]ecolres.hu