Flóra Vajna

assistant research fellow

Participation in the ecosystem services research team’s projects, primarily in the design of research details, field sampling (trapping and checking the traps), processing of samples in the lab, data entry & analysis, and manuscript preparation. Also participation in the analysis of the “policy” relationships of ecosystem services.

Selected publications:


  • Pásztor K., Kőrösi Á., Gór Á., Szigeti V., Vajna F., Kis J. 2022. Phenotypic senescence in a natural insect population Ecology and Evolution 12: e9668



  • Vajna Flóra, Kis János, Szigeti Viktor (2020): Measuring proboscis length in Lepidoptera: a review, Zoomorphology

  • Viktor Szigeti; Flóra Vajna; Ádám Kőrösi; János Kis (2020): Are all butterflies equal? Population-wise proboscis length variation predicts flower choice in a butterfly, ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR 163 pp. 135-143.

  • Vajna, F., Szigeti V., Harnos A., Kis J. (2021): A kis apollólepke (Parnassius mnemosyne (LINNAEUS, 1758)) nektárnövényfajok közti választása, Állattani Közlemények 106(1-2):


email: vajna.flora[at]ecolres.hu