Eszter Tanács, PhD

research fellow

Currently I work in projects dealing with the mapping and evaluation of ecosystem services. As part of the Hungarian Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services, I participate in creating an ecosystem type map of Hungary, and the mapping of ecosystem condition.

Selected publications:


  • Khanh Vu Ho, Kröel-Dulay Gy., Tölgyesi, Cs., Bátor Z., Tanács E., Kertész M., Török P., Erdős L. (2023): Non-native tree plantations are weak substitutes for near-natural forests regarding plant diversity and ecological value Forest Ecology and Management 531: 120789


  • Tanács, E., Bede-Fazekas, Á., Csecserits, A., Kisné Fodor, L., Pásztor L., Somodi, I., Standovár, T., Zlinszky, Z., Zsembery, Z., Vári, Á. (2022): Assessing ecosystem condition at the national level in Hungary - indicators, approaches, challenges One Ecosystem 7: e81543



  • Helletsgruber, C., Gillner, S., Gulyás Á., Junker, R.R., Tanács, E., Hof, A. (2020): Identifying tree traits for cooling urban heat islands - A cross-city empirical analysis, Forests, 11(10), 1064





email: tanacs.eszter[at]