Viktor Szigeti, PhD

research fellow

My research interest is focused on pollination biology. I am interested in the ecology of plant-pollinator interactions, primarily the flower functional traits effect on the foraging behaviour of insect pollinators. I work on better understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of floral resource use. During my PhD research, I studied the relationship between the nectar-plant availability and consumption in the Clouded Apollo butterfly (Parnassius mnemosyne). In Institute of Ecology and Botany, from 2017, I work on the “Trait-based effects of invasive plant species on native plant and pollinator communities and their usage by beekeepers at different spatial and temporal scales” project. I examine the role of non-native invasive plant species on the native plant- and the related pollinator insect communities. Furthermore, I study the temporal and spatial change of flower resources for honeybees (bee pastures).

Selected publications:


  • Somay L, Szigeti V, Boros G, Ádám R, Báldi A. (2021): Wood Pastures: A Transitional Habitat between Forests and Pastures for Dung Beetle Assemblages. Forests. 2021; 12(1):25.

  • Vajna, F., Szigeti V., Harnos A., Kis J. (2021): A kis apollólepke (Parnassius mnemosyne (LINNAEUS, 1758)) nektárnövényfajok közti választása, Állattani Közlemények 106(1-2):


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  • Báldi A., Vári Á. (2020): Freshwater ecosystems: research, policy and applications, Biologia Futura 71: 333-336

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  • Szigeti Viktor, Flóra Vajna, Ádám Kőrösi, János Kis (2020): Are all butterflies equal? Population-wise proboscis length variation predicts flower choice in a butterfly Animal Behaviour 163: pp. 135-143.

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