László Somay

assistant research fellow

Functional and species composition, annual dynamics and esosystem services of dung beetle communities in hungarian grasslands and forests

Selected publications:



  • Csecserits A., Halassy M., Lhotsky B., Rédei T., Somay L., Botta-Dukát Z. (2021): Changing assembly rules during secondary succession: evidence for non-random patterns Basic and Applied Ecology 52. pp. 46-56.

  • Somay L, Szigeti V, Boros G, Ádám R, Báldi A. (2021): Wood Pastures: A Transitional Habitat between Forests and Pastures for Dung Beetle Assemblages. Forests. 2021; 12(1):25.


  • Kovacs-Hostyánszki A., Soltész Z., Szigeti V., Somay L., Báldi A. (2020): Non-rotational set-aside fields improve reproductive success of cavity-nesting bees and wasps at the landscape scale, but have no effect on other wild bees and hoverflies in mid-summer, Agriculture, Ecosystem & Environment, 308: 107255

  • Ónodi G., Kertész M., Lengyel A., Pándi I., Somay L., Szitár K., Kröel-Dulay Gy. (2020): The effect of woody plant encroachment and wildfire on plant species richness and composition: Temporal changes in a forest-steppe mosaic, Applied Vegetation Science,


  • Milotić T., Baltzinger C., Eichberg C., Eycott A.E., Heurich M., Müller J., Noriega J.A., Menendez R., Stadler J., Ádám R., Bargmann T., Bilger I., Buse J., Calatayud J., Ciubuc C., Boros G., Jay-Robert P., Kruus M., Merivee E., Miessen G., Must A., Ardali E., Preda E., Rahimi I., Rohwedder D., Rose R., Slade E.M., Somay L., Tahmasebi P., Ziani S., Hoffmann M. (2019): Functionally richer communities improve ecosystem functioning: Dung removal and secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in the Western Palaearctic Journal of Biogeography 46 : 1 pp. 70-82.




  • Földesi, Rita; Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó; Kőrösi, Ádám; Somay, László; Elek, Zoltan; Marko, Viktor; Sárospataki, Miklós; Bakos, Réka; Varga, Ákos; Nyisztor, Katinka; Báldi, András (2016): Relationships between wild bees, hoverflies and pollination success in apple orchards with different landscape contexts Agricultural and Forest Entomology 18: 68-75

  • Szitár K, Ónodi G, Somay L, Pándi I, Kucs P, Kröel-Dulay G (2016): Contrasting effects of land use legacies on grassland restoration in burnt pine plantations BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 201: pp. 356-362. (2016)


email: somay.laszlo[at]ecolres.hu