Eszter Lellei-Kovács, PhD

research fellow

Research topics:

Investigation of carbon cycling, primarily soil and ecosystem respiration and their responses to climate change simulation experiments in sandy forest-steppe vegetation.

Elaboration and intercomparison of measuring methods of soil and ecosystem carbon efflux.

Geoinformatic analyses, land use and habitat mapping.

Application, validation and calibration of biogeophysical models (CoupModel, Biome-BGC MuSo) for different ecosystems under different land uses.

Geoinformatic developments and model building for elaboration of ecosystem service indicators and working-out methodology of their analyses.

Spatial analyses of cultural ecosystem services, mainly by the methods of photoseries analyses.

Selected publications:


  • Pellaton, R., Lellei-Kovács, E., Báldi A. (2022): Cultural ecosystem services in European grasslands: A systematic review of threats Ambio

  • Báldi A., Pellaton, R., Bihaly Á. D., Szigeti V., Lellei-Kovács E., Máté A., Sárospataki M., Soltész Z., Somay L. & Kovács-Hostyánszki A. (2022): Improving ecosystem services in farmlands: beginning of a long-term ecological study with restored flower-rich grasslands Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 8: 1

  • Abdalla, M., Espenberg, M., Zavattaro, L., Lellei-Kovács E., Mander, U., Smith, K., Thorman, R., Damatirca, C., Schils, R., ten-Berge, H., Newell-Price, P., Smith, P. (2022): Does liming grasslands increase biomass productivity without causing detrimental impacts on net greenhouse gas emissions? Environmental Pollution, 300: 118999

  • Schils, R.L.M., Bufe, C., Rhymer C.M., Francksen, R.M., ... Lellei-Kovács E.... Newell-Price, J.P. (2022) Permanent grasslands in Europe: Land use change and intensification decrease their multifunctionality Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 330: 107891




  • Lellei-Kovács E, Kovács-Láng E, Botta-Dukát Z, Kalapos T, Emmett B, Beier C (2011): Thresholds and interactive effects of soil moisture on the temperature response of soil respiration. European Journal of Soil Biology 47:247-255.



email: lellei-kovacs.eszter[at]