Márton Kiss

research fellow

1. Assessment of climate-related ecosystem services of urban green spaces

2. Conceptual issues in the evaluation of ecosystem services, model-based evaluation

3. Geoecological analysis in different landscape types of the Great Plain

Selected publications:


  • Czúcz B., Haines-Young R., Kiss M., Berecki K., Kertész M., Vári Á., Potschin-Young M., Arany I. (2020): Ecosystem service indicators along the cascade: How do assessment and mapping studies position their indicators? Ecological Indicators 118


  • Erdős L., Ambarlı D., Anenkhonov O. A., Bátori Z., Cserhalmi D., Kiss M., Kröel-Dulay Gy., Liu H., Magnes M., Molnár Zs., Naqinezhad A., Semenishchenkov Y. A., Tölgyesi Cs., Török P. (2018): The edge of two worlds: A new review and synthesis on Eurasian forest-steppes. Applied Vegetation Science doi: 10.1111/avsc.12382



email: kiss.marton[at]ecolres.hu